Catch Basins

Catch Basins

Catch basins are located near curbs on streets, and serve to contain various debris and solid materials that flow from sidewalks and streets. They function to keep these excess materials out of water supply, especially during rains and storms.The water bill you pay helps to keep these basins functioning. The proper maintenance of a nearby catch basin is the responsibility of a business owner, and neglected ones can result in street flooding. Flooding as a result of a catch basin clog can present many health hazards to the general public.


The grates that exist on most catch basins serve to filter out large material from entering them. However, small debris can often enter through the grate, causing clogs and buildup.We have high-powered equipment that is capable of keeping your nearby catch basins clean, reducing buildup and preventing your business from encountering any problems as a result of possible clogs or backwash.


Cleaning litter outside or around your business can help reduce the debris that accumulates in catch basins. It is important to remain aware of the litter situation outside of your business storefront. If you wish, we can arrange for regular maintenance that assures your catch basins stays litter-free and unclogged.
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