Floor Drains

Floor Drains

In the restaurant, dry cleaning, and workout facility industries, constant sweeping and mopping, and washing is necessary. Most restaurants have a person delegated to keeping the kitchen very clean. The health of the customer and their business rely on it. Kitchens that do not have an installed floor drain require more to and increase the risk of employee injury.It may seem unnecessary expense to install floor drains or to maintain the current ones, but the investment it sure to pay dividends. Businesses in varying industries throughout King County have employed the work of King County Septic to unclog and install these floor drains. The team or experts have all of the knowledge and tools to make your installation or clean out experience minimally impactful to your operation of business.


A floor drain is one like you have in your shower in your house. Unlike home applications, restaurants use a grating system that doesn’t allow large matter to be incorporated into the plumbing system. Sloping the area surrounding these drains is necessary to allow for proper water flow down the drain.These floor drains are distributed evenly through the surface to prevent accumulation of water. They make for a more sanitary environment and also function to reduce the possibility of slippage by an employee.


Installation of floor drains is difficult, fortunately we never back down from even the most challenging installation. For installation in a business, we just need to create a hole where there isn’t one preexisting. It’s necessary for all of the water collected by these drains to exit into the preexisting plumbing system, in a home this would be the septic tank whereas in a restaurant it would be the great trap.
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