Septic Tank Repairs & Replacement

Septic Tank Repairs & Replacement

If there is excess water present in the areas over our drain field, you notice your toilet running slower or a foul smell overwhelming your exterior space these are indications that there is a potential problem with your septic system.  You’re going to have to make some big decisions depending on the gravity of the problem and repairing and replacing have to be taken into consideration.The failure of your septic system or even once that needs repair can potentially contaminate the surface water, groundwater, and even your lawn with bacteria, viruses, and nutrients.  Early intervention is key! There are a multitude of potential problems, however a licensed septic repair company King County Septic can replace or repair any damage to the septic tank. There is no repair or installation too big or too small.

How Do Septic Systems Fail?

Most commonly septic tank failures will occur when the septic bacteria as well as septic tank enzymes are destroyed inside the tanks by powerful medicines or harsh chemicals used for cleaning.  Break down in the pumps, filters, and aerators can also occur. Any of the occurrences can allow the septic tank’s contentto escape, saturate the drainfield with solid matter cause an imbalance in bacteria.   

Should You Repair or Replace Your Septic System?

Its relatively easy for some problems to be resolved.  If you notice an odor between the drain field and the septic tank, there’s a good chance it’s just a broken pipe.  Having a trained professional evaluate your system is the best way to diagnose and treat the problem. Early intervention is the key.  Call or click to schedule an appointment.  
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